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Welcome Herschel Girls School

The Tuck Shop Cafe has opened at Herschel Girls School and on the 1 February 2016 they will launch their prepaid card powered by Snapcash . We will be onsite Monday 25 Jan 2016 to assist with sign ups We look forward to giving the opportunity to take the students of herschel’s into the world of cash free digital wallets. Link to PDF Flyer

Integrate your Payments

Modernise your school canteen and tuck shops now with an integration between one of the leading online POS system and SnapCash Get the most out of your infrastructure – We are able to offer you custom solutions for your school / Uni onsite services. MOBILE POS | ONLINE ORDERS | INSTANT PAYMENTS Contact Us to find out how your school could go cashless, modernise and save money !


Welcome to the Cafe Flava group, our newest digital cafe.     Cafe Flave runs the most outstanding school cafe’s and business park cafe’s supplying you with great food and fresh coffee ! Now they can operate cashless with their own branded mobile based prepaid store card. Here is a link to their official SnapCash Landing Page come find out more about how they have gone digital ( Click Here) and if you want to learn more about them go to their

Corps and Clubs

Do you run a corporate or club canteen ? It would be easy to go cashless and modernise with SnapCash ! We can brand our digital cards with your Identity and logos we can also add our landing page to your web site enabling your staff to use our system as your own ! It is very easy to set up and all that is required is an internet connected device and you are able to accept our digital cards at your till, Branded and made your own ! Let your staff pay using their digital device and save on […]

Todays Tech on your campus

Using the same tech that has become common place in some famous brands like Starbucks, your school could be making life easy for all, just by signing up as a Snapcash vendor.     With the simple additions of our SnapCash passbook code to your cell phone (or a SnapCash card) you can pay for your coffee at the campus canteen or anything else you need … Its that easy! Let your education heads know