There are many reasons why switching your campus to a cashless Snapcash environment is something you and your board of directors should be implementing !


Costs Savings

  • If you have a system in place you are already paying staff to manage and upkeep your system. What is that costing you ?
  • If you are taking in Cash that is costing you in Cash deposit fees, management time and possibly theft.
  • If you are using bank cards for certain functions these are costing you between 3% to 6% of your transactions.
  • Reduce the risk and stress associated with handling cash on the campus.
  • Outsource to specialised payment system and dedicated team.
  • Easy online reports for all users and outlets on your campus.
  • Mobile payments solution for sporting events / outings etc.

There is NO cost to sign up. There is NO initial capital outlay needed ! (*assuming min requirements are in place). With Snapcash you will pay a flat rate of 1.5 % for each transaction on the system.

The cost savings in The Accounting Office varies but are always beneficial. How much paid time does it take to manage all the different income streams from cash to the “in-house” card system and the associated cash banking fees? Snapcash gives you a realtime statement online of all transactions (and costs) 24/7/365. You can report by”user”, “cashier” or by “concession store” these are all in realtime, meaning that you are always 100% up to date ! You also have the opportunity to create your own online web shop where all school associated products can be marketed and bought by students and parents.

Student and Parents expectations

  • Online and connected, Payments are expected to be easy and digital these days.
  • Students are tech savvy and expect to make use of their devices and the net for everything.
  • Modern methods of payment Optical and NFC.
  • Mobile app for ease of use.
  • Helps to reduce the risk of bullying or the purchase of forbidden items off campus.
  • Online statement of all expenditure = easy control with automated reminders to Top Up

SnapCash will only accept Schools/Uni’s (or closely allied suppliers) into our “Vendor community” negating the chance that students can spend cash out side the community – We are not a bank, SnapCash is a SAAS supplier allowing Schools to settle user invoices in a digital process.


Are your staff constantly having to issue temporary cards to students who leave their cards at home ?

Do your students ever forget their phone ?


Mobile payments on a tablet with a internet connection means that payments could be taken out on the sport field or at any fund raiser anywhere there is internet.

3d communication, little human character with his touch pad

Payment using a mobile phone is easy with SnapCash. The passcode can be stored on any mobile device The SnapCash app is available for IOS and Android giving students a full account statement anytime.

SnapCash Pass

Using NFC  your students could use a silicon wristband when on the sports field, swimming or at any major school event making payments faster, with no wallets, cards, or change required. These could be branded in the school colours.


With the simple additions of a card reader to a tablet PC and our web site you can accept payments at any event anywhere on your campus. From school plays to the “wors” stand for the big fund raiser or rugby fest !

Mobile tech means your school can accept payments from any student/parent with a Snapcash card. Their is no outlay to the school to set up the basic system all that is required is a *device that can access our payment POS WEB site.

Do you need more information? We will be happy to do a demo for you  ====== >>> Click Here


* Minimum Hardware requirement : An internet connected device with a Keyboard.